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Episode 1

Sakari Heikkilä (Finland)

Sakari Heikkilä: Simplicity in Worship (Trailer)
Sakari Heikkilä : Enemmän Sinua (Finland)
Sakari Heikkilä : Taivaan Valtakunta (Finland)

Sakari Heikkilä is a renowned worship singer-songwriter and producer from Finland.

Many of his songs, like “Ennemän Sinua", are played in churches all over the country. He’s been leading worship in the New Wine Church and has been promoting worship culture inside the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland for the last 14 years. He has written many original worship songs in Finnish, and also made some translations into Finnish, like “God of this City”, “Forever” and “Blessed Be Your Name”.

He worked as a worship pastor for 8 years at Verkosto community church, which takes inspiration from the Anglican HTB. There he created a collective called Verkosto Kollektiivi - a group of artists and musicians who lead worship and write new music suitable for the Lutheran church context. Sakari Heikkilä wants the church’s worship sessions to be understandable, explainable, and inclusive and emphasizes that the Scripture should be the main source for song lyrics.

Nowadays he focuses on songwriting and music production, writing worship songs in Finnish and English.

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Episode 2

Johanna Särkkälä (Finland)